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After a stressful relocation added a few extra unwanted pounds, I knew I needed some help getting back into shape. I happened upon Kevin at a gym near my house and boy was I lucky.

Kevin worked closely with me to obtain my fitness and weight loss goals. Right from the start, he made me feel comfortable with his professionalism. Our workouts were challenging but he always made them fun. He does a great job of always motivating me to try new things, continuously pushing me through and past my self-imposed limits.

It’s easy to see that Kevin genuinely cares about his clients. He is a great listener, taking time to explore my likes and dislikes in the gym and giving special attention to previous injuries.

I would, and have, recommended training with Kevin to everyone. His fun, knowledgeable and motivating style will not disappoint.

Caitlin R

I’m a 56-year-old man and when I met Travis about 3 years ago I was not in very good shape, but the first time he coached me he had this fire within him and an ability and enthusiasm to make you want more for yourself and for him.

At the beginning I could hardly lift much and now I am benching well over two hundred and dead lifting well over three hundred. He started slowly with me and always made sure that my technique was correct on each lift until it became muscle memory; even now he focuses on my technique, which is good because I have had back problems in the past but none since working out with him.

A consummate professional in which I am blessed to have found!

Frank J

Training with Jaimie pre- and postnatal has been nothing short of amazing. I knew that finding a trainer with her background and education was important for my health during pregnancy and gave me peace of mind that I was training safely. I was able to maintain a healthy weight while staying strong and flexible, which in turn helped me through delivery.

After about 8 weeks after giving birth to my son, I was back at the gym. Jaimie slowly eased me back into my workouts, adding exercises that would help strengthen my weakened core muscles and stretches that reduced my back pain.

With hard work and one-on-one attention from Jaimie during pregnancy, I feel like my body bounced back in just a few months. I continue to work with Jaimie several days a week and am so thankful to have someone like her in my corner.

Amanda F

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