Lily is new to San Diego fitness. She joins us from New York City where she began her career as a fitness coach after leaving the world of professional ballet.
Lily explains, “After leaving ballet I felt not only my body needed a new outlet for movement, but my mind did.”
This is when she fell in love with strength training.

“Although the aesthetic results didn’t happen overnight I noticed a complete 180 in my mood, energy levels, and above all my confidence. I was hooked.”

It wasn’t long after, that she decided that she wanted to share this feeling with as many people as she could.

Lily is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and specializes in functional strength training, hypertrophy, Pre/Post natal strength training, weight loss and conditioning. Her clients especially love when she sprinkles in her years of ballet and flexibility training into their sessions.

“Through my coaching, I have met some of the most amazing humans to walk this earth and have become the most authentic version of myself so that I can show up for others in a positive, honest, and loving way,” she says.

While she loves fitness and nutrition, her passion truly lies in empowering others to become their best selves. To step into their light. Through sharing her own personal experiences she hopes to inspire others to create a sustainable and healthy life free from shame, inadequacy, and self imposed limitations.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer
  • Pre and Postnatal certified through ProNatal
  • Pediatric and Adult First Aid/CPR/AED