Josh loves being a coach. He sees his job as an opportunity to help people better their lives through the avenue of fitness. He’s always enjoyed movement, whether through sport, other forms of fitness, or simply playing outdoors. His form of coaching is extremely varied, and it all depends on the goals / priorities of his clients. Low, moderate, to high intensities; weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, cardiorespiratory endurance…he does it all.

He views training as a way to transform. “Movement energizes body, mind, and spirit, enabling people to operate at their best.” His goal is to help the whole person, not simply on the physical level. A common question he asks his clients is, “How’s meditation going?”

“I’ve been in health and fitness for over 15 years, and have worked directly within the industry for the last 6 years,” says Josh. “I owned and operated two gyms and have coached thousands of people, primarily within a group setting. After a while, I found myself missing something. I was not helping the WHOLE person. I was simply managing groups, which was not fulfilling. I wanted to help individuals make tangible progress, to see the results they were looking for, and to feel better about themselves. So, I made the decision to become a personal coach to multiple individuals. This has enabled me to invest more of my time, knowledge, and energy into my clients. I create programs according to the specific needs of each person I work with, so that every session gets them one step closer to their goal.”

Qualifications & Certifications
•CrossFit Level 1
•CrossFit Level 2
•USA-W Weightlifting Level 1
•OPEX CCP Level 1 Coach (in-progress)