Give Thanks For… Self Control


9 Nov

Give Thanks For… Self Control

Give Thanks For… Self Control

By: Nicole Pizzi, Performance Specialist

As the holiday season approaches, so do the holiday binges and the decline in workouts. We want our Bird Rock Fit members and followers to be well informed and geared up for the holiday season. After all, preparation is the key to success!

So many of us strong, intelligent, dedicated people have forgotten the power within each of us to keep it together through the holiday season. Self Control. The holidays are a time to be with friends and family, to celebrate what we are thankful for and to take a small time-out from the stress of our jobs. Our society has turned it into a free for all, or should I call it a “food for all”, high alcohol consumption and a boycott against all movement. We somehow feel that we have a right of passage to neglect our body for the last 2 months of every year then we all complain and speak our regrets of these binges around January 2nd. So, is there a way we can enjoy ourselves and reap the benefits of our mom’s traditionally fantastic foods?? There sure is! Find your inner self control and unleash it right before Thanksgiving hits!

Keep Moving through the Holidays!

1. Don’t let the holidays shake up your routine: We are all busy buying and preparing food, shopping for holiday gifts, but exercise doesn’t need to suffer. Continue to make exercise a “must”, an appointment. In knowing that all you need is 30 minutes to achieve a fat burning environment, this shouldn’t take too much time away from party planning.

2. Exercise parties-Instead of doing just holiday get-togethers at a restaurant, bar or someone’s house, try a group workout with friends first, then grab breakfast together for your social time.

3. Last chance workout-On the actual holidays, I am sure there is a little time to go for a walk, or sneak in a 20-30 min movement session before the fun starts. It may be a great way to recover from the previous night’s festivities and get ready for the day ahead.

4. 1, 2, 3, Hut!-Thanksgiving is traditionally coined as a “football day”. So why don’t you do just that? Play football or play another game that the whole family can get involved with after indulging in that turkey goodness.

5. January 1 Meltdown-Don’t wait until the new year to try to “un-do” the previous 2 months. Keep your movement consistent. That way come January 1, you will feel good about your body, feel better that you have moved and can focus on another new years goals.

Keep the Food Consistent

1. Not everyday is Thanksgiving—Just because November typically marks the kick-off of the holiday season, doesn’t mean the every day is a holiday. Enjoy some tasty indulgences on the holidays, but don’t let that be your excuse for every other day. Maintain your normal eating habits on the other day to not allow your nutrition to get too out of whack.

2. Avoid Binges– I know nothing beats the taste of a good home cooked meal, but don’t let this be an excuse to overeat. Enjoy these specials meals on the day of the holiday and like always, eat slow, engage in more dinner time conversation with family and friends and stop eating when you are full. Don’t eat it just because it is on the table!

3. Fill up on real foods– Lucky for us the traditional food at Thanksgiving is Turkey. And we all know what turkey has…PROTEIN (not to mention the skin and it’s good fat). Protein helps to fill our bellies and aids to maintain a healthy hormonal balance, preventing high blood sugar spikes.

4. Choose healthy sides– Try to avoid the sides that include heavy creams, high sugar content and high starch foods. Incorporate more vegetables to your meal to fill up on.

5. Dessert Decisions– I would be lying if I said I passed on dessert. I don’t, in fact I love it. But when deciding on a dessert, just choose one to try, not all of them. Pick that one piece of pie that is calling your name or try a holiday cookie and that is it. Enjoy it and move on.

Stay on track this holiday season and resist temptations, and as we know there will be a lot! Focus on maintaining your typical routine and enjoy what the holidays are really about. Spending time with family and friends! Channel your inner self-control!