Bird Rock Star

Bird Rock Star

Bird Rock Star

Name: Amy Kleman

How long have you been a member of Bird Rock Fit? 
1 year

What is your favorite aspect of your training here? 
I love that you find all types of people and abilities training here. I, being a non-athlete, was anxious about joining such a small gym and feeling out of place. To the contrary, I found everyone, from trainers to other members, to be very supportive and encouraging! I also love that the trainers are able to tailor classes to fit all experience levels. It means every class is guaranteed to be the perfect class for each individual!

What struggles have you faced with regards to fitness and nutrition and how have you overcome them? 
I hate exercising! I am the type of person who would rather go to the dentist every day than exercise every day! When I came to Bird Rock Fit, I was looking for something to motivate me enough to keep doing it. The people at Bird Rock Fit, both trainers and members, did that for me. The accountability aspect of having people notice when you miss a class is also helpful.

Another struggle is that my body would just hurt all the time. For this reason, yoga has become one of the key components to my health during the past year. Weekly yoga allows me to keep up with all the strenuous classes, increases my flexibility, and keeps my body feeling amazing!  

What would you consider to be your three greatest victories that have resulted from training at Bird Rock Fit?
My greatest victory is that Bird Rock Fit got me out of a rut. I don’t often try new things and have worked out the same way my entire life until coming to Bird Rock Fit. Weight training was very new to me and I never realized how much of my body I wasn’t using before. I am constantly being challenged by new exercises and my body is much healthier and happier for it!

Another victory is the progress, however small, I make in various exercises. Over the last year, I’ve increased the weights I use, noticed my squats are lower, and worked up to regular pushups. 

I also consider it a victory that I am still here!  Like many people, I find it hard sticking to fitness routines.  Many days, my fitness goal is just to show up to class! I used to use exercise as the means to an end result (usually weight loss). Now, thanks to Bird Rock Fit, I see exercise as part of my daily lifestyle, with no end in sight!

Like many people you hit a plateau. How did you overcome that? Do you have advice for others who experience a similar situation?
I’m no fitness expert…so my advice is to use those who are! When I have had concerns in the past about my fitness/health/nutrition, I’ve asked for help from the trainers at Bird Rock Fit and it has made all the difference. They are a wealth of knowledge and I found there were at times important steps to my health that I was forgetting to do. They reminded me of those steps and how important every aspect of your life is, not just the few minutes you are in the gym each day.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience here? 
Bird Rock Fit has definitely changed my life for the better in the past year!  It is a genuinely positive environment and a community I am proud to be a part of!   


Previous Bird Rock Stars

Name: Tommy Gibbs

Why did you first start training at Bird Rock Fit?
My wife became a member first, and told me about these great workouts and trainers. I took a trial class and have been hooked ever since.

What is your favorite team training session/workout?
It’s a toss up between Saturday Bootcamps and F.I.T. classes. I enjoy that every class is different and the trainers mix things up.

What changes have you noticed since you started here? How has your training here impacted your quality of life?
Head to toe I feel stronger than I ever have been. Before Bird Rock Fit my workouts consisted of basic boring workouts at the gym with the occasional cardio workout. I worked out regularly but I’m not sure I ever looked forward to the workouts. I now look forward to the workouts—even at 6:30 AM!

How many team training sessions do you complete each week?
I average 4-5 workouts per week at Bird Rock Fit, plus the occasional challenge.

What do you like most about being a member?
I enjoy the camaraderie with other members and the variety of workouts—no workout is ever the same and I enjoy the challenge that brings.

Name: Lydia Zittel

Why does the 30-minute session model work for you?
The fact that our workouts are only 30 minutes is the one reason I’m actually finally sticking to a regular exercise schedule. Getting to Birdrock, exercising, getting home and showered takes only an hour, as opposed to other workouts which easily can take up to two hours of my evening/morning. Time is precious and short, this way I still have plenty of time to do the usual evening/morning things one enjoys. Because of this I’m sticking to it.

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your journey to becoming healthy and fit? Who or what helped you overcome it?
My biggest obstacle was Lydia, me! I had gotten lazy and taking my body for granted. As I’m getting older, I guess I’m also getting a little wiser. I decided if I want to be healthy, strong and feeling good I have to do something about it.

What is your favorite thing about being part of the Bird Rock Fit community?
All of the instructors are friendly, positive, supportive and very likable. Also, it’s almost like we’re a little family. We (your clients) may not all share the same lifestyles/careers but since we are all focused on the same thing (our fitness and health) we share a really nice camaraderie.

What is most different about your life now (off medications, more energy, more confidence, etc.)?
I have always had very little self-confidence, and for some reason through exercising regularly I’ve actually got some now. I feel stronger, healthier and happier. It is an awesome “high” about 10 minutes after the workout.

What compliments have you received since you started your fitness transformation?
I don’t know about compliments, but Eric, my husband, claims he’s afraid of me now that I’m kickboxing in Ryan’s class.

Name: Ray Hardy

Why does the 30-minute exercise model work for you?
I am fully involved from the first 2 seconds to the final cool down and ending stretches. I am instantly caught up in exercising my body, getting my heart rate up and keeping it there for the entire session.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced in your journey to become healthy? Who or what helped you overcome it?
I have always been very healthy. My 30-year US Navy career, most of it at sea, and the last 15-18 years as a Volunteer Fencing Instructor at San Diego Mesa College kept me in shape. A 6 week bout of severe shingles, this spring, changed everything for me! My MD found muscle weakness and said “Do something about it!”

What is most different about your life now (off medications, more energy, more confidence, etc.)?
I have regained my lost energy and confidence that I can still get my high level of health back, even this late in the game, I’ll be 77 in November.

What kind of compliments have you received since you started your fitness transformation?
Family, 4 sons & 7 grandchildren, and friends love watching me do push-ups.

What is your favorite snack?
Cheese & crackers and Peanut butter & crackers

Anything else you’d like to share?
On our way back from my after shingle’s exam by my MD, my wife looked out the car window, coming around one of the LJ Blvd Traffic Circles, and saw “Bird Rock Fit.” She said “Ray, you need to check that out!” I did, found it was what I needed, and “got on board”! This is not just a quick-fix, it’s an easy addition to my “senior life.”

Name: Abby Perdoni

Your health goals:
To stay active, stay in shape and feel good about myself.

Why 30 min model works for me:
Like everyone else, I have a very busy work schedule and my free time is limited and very precious to me. Bird Rock Fit gives me an great workout that I can feel good about without having to spend hours in the gym.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced in your journey to become healthy? Who or what helped you overcome it?
Motivation to get to the gym! There’s always a million reasons to stay on the couch after a long day of work, and getting myself out the door can be a struggle. But like Ryan always says – showing up is half the battle and I know I’ll feel so much better for doing it. Best part of my day: finishing the workout I never wanted to start.

What is most different about your life now (off medications, more energy, more confidence, etc.?
I definitely have more energy. I’m drinking more water now than I have ever have in my life, and I’ve eliminated certain foods from my diet that I never realized were just weighing me down. I’m taking care of myself, making better decisions and I feel great.

What kind of compliments have you received since you started your fitness transformation?
“Damn, girl!” – Said silently to myself in the mirror.

Favorite snack:
Celery and crunchy peanut butter.

Name: Amanda Church

Why 30 min? It is easy to fit into any schedule. My work schedule changes constantly and I can always find 30 minutes in the day to come to class.

Biggest obstacle: It was hard for me to get motivated. I never really exercised in the past and I guess I thought I didn’t need to. My husband Nate was and still is a huge help and motivator. He encouraged me to try a class and helps me to continue to go. Once I tried a class I was hooked and everyone at Bird Rock Fit has been an important part of my success.

Biggest difference: Since I started coming to Bird Rock Fit I have more energy and feel better and healthier. I get sick less often and have fewer headaches. And if I do have headache it usually goes away after a workout.

Compliments I’ve received from other people: Many people tell me that I look really good and want to know how I achieved this transformation.

My Favorite snack: I like apples, fruit leather or carrots with some hummus.

Name: Mike Cremata

Your health goals: To lose weight, build muscle, and feel confident in my physical abilities and overall fitness level.

Why 30 min model works for me: I’ve tried enough times to know that I will never stick to a workout routine, long-term, that takes more than an hour out of my day. With the 30-minute model, I’ve been able to consistently make it to class 3-4 times per week, and it doesn’t feel like I’m giving up a significant amount of my free time. I also like the intensity of the 30-minute model – it just feels more “efficient” to me than splitting up weights and cardio. Plus, I find that I push myself a lot harder knowing that I don’t have very long before the workout is over.

Biggest Obstacle: The biggest obstacle for me in getting healthy was finding a workout routine I would maintain on a regular basis. Bird Rock has helped to overcome this by offering classes that I actually look forward to going to, and that don’t take up a huge chunk of my life.

Most Different: I feel much more confident in my physical abilities. My golf game has improved (mostly as a result of increased core strength, I think) and so has my overall stamina when it comes to playing other sports, doing yard work, etc. Also, I am experiencing significantly less lower back pain since I started working out, and my twice-surgically-repaired knee feels much more stable.

Compliments: My wife says I look more fit, my friends have noticed my arms are getting bigger, and I can tell that I’m losing fat because my clothes fit better and my waist has gotten smaller.

Favorite Snack:Sliced bananas, peanut butter and little bit of honey on whole wheat toast.

Name: Amy Wood

Your health goals: Lose weight, get stronger, feel better being more active.

Favorite piece of equipment: I like doing anything with the balls – especially throwing them – and I like the TRX a lot. Least favorite – the big heavy ropes (but I’m going to get stronger so that I don’t hate them anymore!).

Favorite snack: My favorite new snack (sometimes meal) is the biogenesis peanut butter chocolate bar. It is the best bar I’ve ever tasted (honestly better than most candy bars) and I like all of the vitamins and good ingredients that make them healthier than other bars.

Why 30 min model works for me: I work long hours and have always had a hard time maintaining a consistent workout schedule without having to sacrifice sleep – the 30 minute model allows me to get both into my schedule and feel fantastic. I like the intensity of the workouts and knowing that I can push myself hard because I don’t have to sustain the pace for an extended period of time. It also works for me because of Ethan – he makes it fun and constantly introduces me to new things so it never gets boring.

Name: Tad Carter

Your health goals: Build lean muscle mass and gain definition through proper diet and exercise. (Lose a total of 15lbs)

Favorite class: Metabolic Effect and the TRX classes have brought me great results so far. I also like the team training aspect of Bird Rock Fit. I feel motivated by training with other athletes that are guided by experienced fitness instructors.

Favorite snack: I have always had a decent diet. However, the nutrition seminar at Bird Rock has helped me to identify better food choices. I have increased my vegetable and protein servings and have adjusted my portion sizes based upon the knowledge I gained from the nutrition event. In a matter of weeks, I have lost 6lbs!

Why 30 min model works for me: The philosophy makes sense and I find that the workouts are intense. I push myself each workout to give 100% because I want to make the most of the time that I have set aside for the gym. I have found that I am more alert throughout the day and I can see that I am making progress. Bird Rock Fit workouts are designed to maximize body efficiency. I no longer spend hours in the gym. I am able to see results quickly by changing each workout. I like that the 30 minute model is not routine. Each workout is different, which causes my body to respond quickly and adjust to the variances in training.


Name: Bonnie Hall

Your health goals: My specific health goals are to focus on flexibility, athleticism and weight control by maintaining a consistent workout program at Bird Rock Fit 4-5 days a week with cross training by playing tennis and power walking.

Favorite class: It’s a tie between TRX and CardioCore. TRX for the strength and balance training and CardioCore because I can really test my limits.

Favorite music: Crosby, Stills and Nash

Favorite snack: Plain Greek yogurt with granola topped with fresh fruit

Why 30 min model works for me: The classes at Bird Rock Fit cover all my exercise needs from strength training, cardio and even the Roll and Release flexibility. I wanted a workout focused on intensity more than the duration of the class. I like that each TRX class consists of different workouts. It never seems to surprise me when Ethan adds new techniques in the TRX class. No two classes are alike. Most important to me are that the trainers are totally aware of their clients limits and are truly focused on you. I love that Bird Rock Fit is a local Fitness Studio and I believe in supporting the neighborhood.


Name: Angela Robertson

Your health goals: My health goals are to attend classes 4 to 5 times a week paired with good nutrition. This combination helps me feel good mentally and physically.

Favorite class: TRX would be my favorite class. It’s something totally new for me and I have realized there are so many exercises and modifications that can be made to work out the entire body. I look forward to continuing to practice and eventually mastering the handstand.

Favorite music for workouts: Hip-hop and dance tunes with great beats!

Favorite post-workout snack: Whey Protein shake or egg whites and turkey bacon.

Why 30 min model works for me: I feel that this model works for me on a couple different levels. I feel like I work harder from start to finish as I know time is limited, no time is wasted. I also find myself being less distracted as I have found myself before in larger & longer classes at other facilities.


Name: Jill Lester

What are you training for? I’m training to be healthy and look good. I am currently training for my 4th marathon and with my training at Bird Rock Fit, I find my runs are easier and my recovery time is much shorter.

What (or who) motivates you to be healthy?: My motivation to be healthy comes from me (and I have to admit my husband, Rob). It’s so easy to not work out, but you feel so much better, both physically and mentally, when you are in a routine and work out regularly.

Favorite post workout meal: It depends on the intensity of the work out. If I am in a regular routine (going to BRF 2-3 times a week for weight training and 2-3 times of cardio a week ) I just try to eat a healthy meal, a combination of proteins and carbohydrates. But if I’ve been on a long run, 18, 20 miles, all bets are off. I pretty much eat whatever I feel like my body needs (or whatever I feel like eating).

Favorite workout gear: I wear whatever is most comfortable. I have workout clothes from JC Penneys as well as Lululemon. As long as they feel good…

Why you feel the 30 min model and Metabolic Effect classes work: I love the 30 min ME plan. It’s hard but short enough so you don’t dread going. When I ran my first marathon, I wasn’t working out with the 30-minute program. I actually gained weight. Granted it was muscle but it was bulky muscle. I’ve notice a big difference in my body since I’ve started the ME program. I am leaner (but not lighter) and I look better.


Name: Rebecca Rabe and John Kerr

What are you training for? We’re training for Ironman Arizona that takes place on 11/20/11.

What music motivates you? Rebecca: I like listening to Green Day Live. John: I like Brittany Spears (just kidding)…I like “Faster” by the Manic Street Preachers. We do still like the music we hear in spin class at Bird Rock Fit and frequently sing them during our bike rides!

Favorite Food for Fuel? Halibut Fish tacos from PB Fish Shop with an occasional Pacifico is what we like to eat after big training days.

Why you feel the 30-min class works: John: I like the 30 minute classes because it’s like punk rock…it’s short and intense. Rebecca: I like it because it is completely different from my regular training days…which are long and sometimes tedious.

Benefits of Foam Rolling: We LOVE foam rolling! It is like a mini massage for the body and a good way for us to decompress from the stress of working and training. It’s really the only time that we can take a minute to relax and to listen to what our bodies are saying. It’s been beneficial because it helps stretch our tired muscles after a long bike ride or a hard run.

Your Future Goals: Our goal is to continue to train hard so that we can live a fun, active, and adventurous life…and “to look good naked”.