Do Less, Lose More Success Story: Natalie


The other day I told you a story about a friend of mine, Natalie, who I had asked to participate in a phone-based weight loss coaching program. I did this for several reasons. First, she’s a dear friend who has struggled with her weight as long as I’ve known her and I wanted to help put that struggle to rest. Second, I figured that if someone as busy as her could see success, then just about anyone else could. Natalie...

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3 Foods/Supplements to Enhance Exercise  Performance By Katelyn Castro   Muscle soreness, fatigue, and decreased endurance happen during high-intensity training. We know this all too well at Bird Rock Fit, right? Whether your goal is to improve physical challenges, gain lean body mass and decrease body fat, or to get an intense workout, these three food/supplements can help your performance.   Vegetable/Fruit Nitrates Beetroot juice is high in dietary nitrates that can aid the body during times of low oxygen...

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Escaping the Perfection Prison Why pushing to be perfect is keeping you from achieving your goals. By Ryan Halvorson   The other day I was at a coffee shop and happened to sit next to a group of people discussing their bodies. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop. Shameful, I know, but I find it useful to listen to people’s self perceptions when they don’t know there’s a fitness professional nearby. “My thighs touch when I walk,” lamented one. “I can’t...

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