Top Tips for Healthy Barbecuing


  May is National BBQ Month: Get Out and Grill Out By Katelyn Castro The summer months are quickly approaching. For me, it means fun in the sun, relaxing outdoor dinners, weekends at the beach with my family, and grilling – YES! But BBQ’s and block parties can be huge saboteurs of our nutrition and fitness gains. How do we host get-togethers, attend potlucks, and celebrate the summer months without going overboard? Here are a few ideas to keep your...

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By Ryan Halvorson The other day a friend posted a rant on Facebook about how tired she was of all of the conflicting information about weight loss. Low carb or high carb? High fat or low fat? Steady state cardio or sprints? Lift heavy weights or light weights? The information out there is downright dizzying. Every so often a new nutrition or exercise study is produced that catches media attention and spreads like wildfire. The studies that gain the most...

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