Katelyn’s Kitchen: Carbohydrate Rundown


Carbohydrate Run-Down By Katelyn Castro There have been questions popping up lately on what I think of carbohydrates. Endless information circulates these days on what the best healthful diet is. Yes, I believe there are certain ways that the general population can benefit, but really, we are individuals. What works for me may not work for you, which could work for your friend, but not their significant other. It is a fascinating, yet confusing trial-and-error process. There’s always room for...

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The Best Exercise on the Planet By Ryan Halvorson Every so often I’m asked which exercise I’d choose if I could do only one exercise for the rest of my life. Years ago I said push-ups because they can be a very effective full-body exercise that offers lots of variation. Also, push-ups emphasize the chest and shoulders, which help fill out t-shirts. What can I say—I’m a dude and have streaks of vanity. Then I got heavy into high-intensity metabolic...

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