Are You Making This Workout Mistake?


By Ryan Halvorson About 4 years ago–this was my 5th year as a certified personal trainer–I got caught up in what I call an information vortex. I’d spend quite a lot of time each browsing through various health and fitness journals absorbing “the best new” everything. Part of it was so that I could stay up-to-date for my clients. Part of it was because I couldn’t find a workout protocol that seemed to benefit me. I tried everything. I’d CrossFit...

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By Ryan Halvorson No-brainer: Unless you’re a stick-thin 15-year-old boy like I was 20 years ago, food is paramount for fat loss. It’s simple, really. Eat high-quality foods in moderate amounts and lose fat, right? In theory this works. But in practice, it’s some of the worst advice out there because it’s so difficult to do. We’ve got nasty cravings and shit for willpower (It’s not your fault, by the way. Science says so). Pepper in ads of hot models...

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