Should You Exercise With a Cold?


Should You Exercise With a Cold? By: Ryan Halvorson, Performance Specialist As outdoor temperatures turn cold, it’s more likely that you’ll spend more time indoors. Researchers suggest that this may translate to a greater likelihood of developing a cold or flu due to increased person-to-person contact. As a stalwart exerciser you might wonder if it’s safe or beneficial to exercise with a cold. Here are recommendations on exercising while sick from the American College of Sports Medicine: • DO exercise...

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Strength… It’s Not Just Physical By: Nicole Pizzi, Performance Specialist When you hear the word “strength” what comes to mind? Many of us immediately think of someone’s physical capabilities; their ability to exert a force or endure some time of strenuous physical activity. But, did you ever wonder where this type of strength comes from? In my experiences, it comes from one’s mental and emotional strength. The physical strength becomes a result of how strong one’s mind is. When we...

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