There is NO joy in SOY!!


There is NO joy in SOY!! By: Quentin Nichols Contrary to popular belief the so-called “health food” soy is actually more detrimental then people realize. So why do people eat it? The answer goes a little deeper than just the Health and Wellness arena. Government, big food corporations, and the pharmaceutical industry all have their hands in the farming and food business to push soy down our throats. It all comes down to money and how to make the most...

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What Are You Willing to Do? By Ryan Halvorson During my 8 years as a personal trainer I’ve worked with lots of different types of people interested in achieving lots of different goals. Despite so many differences there was always one underlying factor that prevented success: willpower. Many people came to see me asking how to do this or how to do that. I answered as honestly as I could, saying something like, “you need to exercise most days of...

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